domenica 22 marzo 2009

Difisso frames 100% hand made italian frames

The “DiFisso” project rises in Autumn 2007 from the passion and commitment of three friends, as synthesis of all the ideas collected during a trip in the south of California.
It was in Newport Beach where we got in touch with the track bike culture for the first time.
DiFisso track frames aim to mix the Californian culture and “easy going” mood, with the accuracy, on-going research and focus on “total quality” proper of Italian handicraft tradition. The combination of these two seemingly opposite elements gives unespected results: the manufacturing, completely handmaded, makes each frame a unique piece.
The goal is to create, every single time, a product that reflects at best the personality and the needs of our customers: a custom-tailored frame always different to the others producted, but with its own recognizable style.
The handmaded manufacturing provides the highest level of customization in the whole productive process: the selection of frame size and design, welding (TIG or lugs), and painting.
As structural materials we only use high quality steel: the COLUMBUS ZONA steel allows the production of strong and lightweight frames.
DiFisso also provides four models of forks, one of them completely handmaded by our frame-maker.

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