sabato 3 ottobre 2009


The Pista frame has been perfected for the highest level performance on track and is suited for all kinds of track events. It is manufactured entirely with special triple butted 7005 T6 aluminium alloy for maximum structural stiffness. It is TIG welded and undergoes a solubilization heat-treatment process that ages and pre-tensions the aluminum. In order to achieve better stability, stiffness and vibration-damping performance a fork with a steel steerer has been integrated into this frame which can absorb axial tension without wasting energy. What’s more the top quality of the materials used, combined with CARRERA's experience in manufacturing special aluminum alloy bikes are a warranty of reliability and durability. The assembly of the tubes allow availability of custom-frames for all athletes. -1” 1/8 integrated headset. The head-set movement is hidden inside the frame, with a great aesthetical effect and protected against atmospheric agents.The bearings oversize dimensions grant sturdi-ness and long life.Hic, reliability and precision with attention to design.-Finished and spray painted by hand.

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